We All Shine On

Country Chaos Club (CCC)



M1:  Everything Flows (Acoustic Version)  /  Teenage Fanclub
M2:  Drive Me Down (Acoustic)  /  Velvet Crush
M3:  I Figured You Out  /  Mary Lou Lord
M4:  I Wish I Was Him  /  Noise Addict
M5:  The Mirror Phase  /  Damon & Naomi
M6:  Be Strong Now  /  James Iha
M7:  I've Been Waiting  /  Matthew Sweet
M8:  Backward Steps  /  John Cunningham
M9:  Another Friendly Face  /  How Many Beans Make Five
M10: Frankly, Mr. Shankly  /  The High Llamas
M11: Wrong Heaven  /  Eggstone
M12: Anything, Anything  /  Masters of the Hemisphere
M13: Where Did She Come From  /  A Shrine
M14: I Never Want to See You Again  /  Quasi
M15: Coax Me  /  Sloan
M16: Big Sur  /  The Thrills
M17: West Coast  /  Coconut Records
M18: Trains Across the Sea  /  Silver Jews
M19: Summer Babe  /  Pavement
M20: Rudy  /  Sammy
M21: Center of the Universe  /  Built to spill
M22: Sun Crush  /  18 Wheeler
M23: Glue (Don't Glue the World)  /  His Name Is Alive
M24: Barnoon Hill  /  Pacific
M25: Puerto Rico Way (feat. Mark Robinson)  /  The 6ths
M26: 16 Beats  /  New Buffalo
M27: St. Elmo's Fire  /  Portastatic
M28: As A Matter Of Fact (7 Version)  /  Spare Snare
M29: Strawberry Wine  /  My Bloody Valentine
M30: International Language  /  International Language
M31: It's A Smiley Face World  /  Sun


♪ミュージックセレクター:War Is Over(アマ匿名ブロガー)


M1:  I'm The Face  /  Highnumbers

M2:  Out Demons Out  / Edgar Broughton Band                                     

M3:  As I Feel I Die /  Caravan

M4:  Alone Again / Heir Apparent 

M5:  The Lobster / Fairport Convention

M6:  Wee Weaver / Steeleye Span

M7:  Crazy Little Thing  /  Captain Beefheart

M8:  SEHNSUCHT / Einstürzende Neubauten

M9:  Opium for the People  /  Planet Gong

M10: All I Want To Do /  The Beach Boys

M11: Dimples / Spencer Davis Group

M12: Love Is All Around  / The Troggs

M13: A Visit to Newport Hospital  /  Egg

M14: The Bryden 2-Step, Part 1  / National Health

M15: Etude Op2-1  /  Scryabin

M16: Space Dreaming  /  Eater

M17: Never Again  /  Discharge

M18: Tonite  /  Les Rita Mitsouko

M19: Alter Mann  / Der Plan

M20: Chaostrophy /  Coil

M21: Groningen Again / Henry Cow

M22: Manna Jamma / Samla Mammas Manna

M23: Low Rider / Exodus 

M24: Round Midnight / George Russel Sextet

M25: The End of Rock and Roll  /  Todd Rundgren

M26: Light My Fire  / Brian Auger & The Trinity

M27: バカボンと戦慄 Part2 -Starless & バカボン Black Part2  /  空手バカボン

M28: All The Way Down  /  Albert King

M29: Baby Let Me Follow You Down  /  Bob Dylan

M30: East of Eden / Irish Theme

M31: Street Song / Help Yourself

M32: In My Own Time / Family

M33: 泡の歌 / NON BAND

M34: Jumping Off The Sun / Colosseum

M35: She Sleeps Alone / The Parade

M36: 青森県北津軽郡東京村  / 三上寛